O General Inverter Split Air Conditioners 2 Ton 5 Star ASGG24CETA-B


Model No : O General Inverter Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioners 1.5 Ton 5 Star ASGG18CETA-B

Advance Hyper Tropical Product Design

Double Swing Automatic – 3D Airflow

Wide Voltage Range 155V-280V (18/24)

Silicon Coated PCB for Long Life

High Voltage Protection 700V (18/24)

Coanda Airflow (30/36)

PM 2.5 Filter

Self Diagnosis

Wireless LAN (Optional)

10 Year Warranty on Compressor

5 Year Warranty on PCB



O General Inverter Split Air Conditioners 2 Ton 5 Star ASGG24CETA-B

Parameter IDU Model Number ASGG24CETA-B

Odu Model Number AOGG24CETA-B

Bee Star Rating – 5

Tonnage TR 2.0 (0.50-2.20)

Power Supply Ph-Hz-V 1¢-50-230

Running Current A 8.1

Standard Cooling at 100% Capacity (Min-Max) W 7040 (1760-7740)

Standard Cooling at 50% Capacity W 3520

Power Cunsumption at 100% Capacity (Min-Max) W 1830 (340-2350)

Power Cunsumption at 500% Capacity W 590

EER at 100% Capacity W/W 3.85

EER at 50% Capacity W/W 5.97

Rated ISEER kWh/kWh 5.22

Electricity Cunsumption per Annum kWh 1043

Moisture Removal l/h 2.0

Indoor Fan Speed Control Levels – 6

Indoor Airflow Volumn Powerful m3/h 1500

Indoor Airflow Distance m 20

Indoor Unit Dimansions HxWxD mm 340x1150x280

Indoor Unit Net Weight kg 16.0

Outdoor Unit Dimansions HxWxD mm 716x820x315

Outdoor Unit Net Weight kg 41.0

Indoor Noise Level – Quiet dB(A) 30

Connection Pipe ( Gas / Liquid ) mm 12.70 / 6.35

Pipe Length Min-Max (Precharged) m 3~30(15)

Max Hight Difference m 25

Ambient Operating Temperature Range Degree C. 18C~55C

Operating Voltage Range V 155V-280V

Refrigerant Type Non-CFC R32

Compressor Type – Advanced Hyper Tropical Twin Rotary

Evaporator & Condenser Coil Material – Copper


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