Usha Water Cooler Stainless Steel-SS 2040G


Model No. SS 20/40G
Faster Cooling
Safe Drinking Water
Anti-Corrosive Blue Fins


* Faster cooling
* Ergonomically designed for greater safety and operational convenience
* Low power consumption due to superior quality grooved copper tubes in heat exchanger and a high efficiency
* Blue fins on condenser coil gives the cooler a longer life
* Environment friendly new age refrigerant
* Rugged stainless steel/ galvanized steel body for longer product life
* Safe drinking water due to high quality stainless steel tank, food grade water piping, float valve and other
components which come in contact with drinking water
* No plumbing required as the water inlet hosepipe and overflow pipes are provided with the unit, making
installation a matter of a few minutes
* Specially designed float valves made of food grade plastic, are not only safe but also withstand high inlet water
head pressure very easily
* Adjustable pedestals, made of highly non- corrosive and strong material, which last longer in extreme atmospheric

Technical Specifications :
* Compressor : Reciprocating
* Cooling Capacity (Ltr /hr) : 20
* Dimensions (WxDxH) : 400x400x1205
* Net weight (kg) : 32
* Number of Faucets : 1
* Rated current (amp ) : 2
* Refrigerant : R-134A
* Total storage capacity : 40
* Type : Storage

*Usha Water Cooler Stainless Steel


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